Collection of stylish Perfumes

50 ml eau de parfum - € 64

100 ml eau de parfum - € 96

Body Care

Each Intensity perfume has its matching body care product.

Using one of these will intensify your fragrance experience and bring it to a higher level. 


Body Lotion

No such body as one with a smooth and silky skin.  This creamy body lotion will hydrate and soothen your skin. 

Body Lotion 200ml - € 29


Skin Vitamin

Is your skin in need of some undivided attention?  This 100 % pure jojoba wax is a blessing for all skins asking for more. Skin Vitamin will comfort, nourish and hydrate your skin, making it silky soft.  It's an absolute grace for all dry and damaged skins.  Perfect for summers, prolonging your tanned glow.

Skin Vitamin 200ml - € 56


Shower Gel

Intensely perfumed shower gel for a mild and gentle care, bringing joy to your daily showers. 

Shower Gel 200ml - € 24

shower gel.jpg